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Digital maturity diagnostics

Target result of assessing enterprise digital and technology maturity is prepared management decisions to radically improve business efficiency through digitalization

Digital Maturity "Heatmap"

  • Digital infrastructure

  • Value chain stages digitalization

  • Key supporting processes digitalization 

Prioritized digitalization projects plan

  • First priority digitalization projects for key business KPIs radical improvement by 50% or more

  • Second priority digitalization projects for improve/maintain key business KPIs by 10% or more

Radical business efficiency and effectiveness rise 

  • Monitoring the effect of digitalization on business KPI

  • Regular diagnostics of digital maturity (1 time in 6 months)

  • Updating the portfolio of digital projects based on the results of diagnostics

Digital & Technology maturity "Heatmap" example


Digital & Technology maturity diagnostic plan example

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